Security Services

Cyber Essentials and Information Security (ISO 27001)

The increase in cyber attacks means companies increasingly recognize the need to ensure they have cyber security measures in place. With a multitude of different measures available, ensuring certification of their systems and processes to an externally recognized standard is the best way to ensure the fundamentals are in place.

The two main certifications are Cyber Essentials and ISO27001. Our lead consultant has experience in implementing both and is ISO27001 Lead Implementer certified. She can help you decide which is the most appropriate for your company and develop and run a programme to implement your chosen approach.

Cyber Attack Crisis Simulations

A Cyber attack is a particularly difficult crisis to manage as it requires the senior executive team to understand complex technical concepts, and your IT specialists to understand the impact of a cyber attack on business operations. A Cyber attack crisis simulation test is the ideal way to ensure everyone in the crisis team is introduced to the concepts in a way they can relate to the business.

Resilience Matters have run a number of highly successful cyber security simulations for clients.

Data Protection

The recent update of Data protection legislation with the GDPR requirements has lead to a number of companies unsure whether they have all the systems and processes in place that they need. Resilience Matters can conduct a gap analysis for you and recommend a program of work to ensure your business is fully compliant.


Employee training is an essential aspect of ensuring good Security and Data Protection practice. Resilience Matters can develop personalised training for all employees that is relevant to your business and explains the principles in ways your employees can relate to.