Resilience Services

Crisis Management

Crisis management is something most organizations have little to no experience in. It is important that your senior management team understand how managing a crisis differs from day-to-day operational management.

Resilience Matters can develop a crisis plan specific to your business that clearly identifies roles and actions alongside providing coaching and running simulation exercises with your team so that they are confident they understand your plans and have the expertise to manage a crisis.

Business Continuity

Business continuity plans ensure your company understands what it would do to maintain critical business operations if you were impacted by a major incident. These plans need to handle a variety of impacts including IT infrastructure failure, building impacted by fire or flood, supplier failure, terrorist incident and disease outbreak. To develop effective plans you need to understand how other agencies such as emergency services, public health and government guidelines would impact your plans.

Resilience Matters has extensive experience across all aspects of business continuity including developing corporate strategy through development of business continuity framework, working with businesses to write Business Impact Analysis and Business Continuity Plans and testing of individual plans. We have also implemented ISO22301.

This experience has been across many different business sectors for all sizes of company from major multi national corporation and a small single site business.

Supplier Continuity

Every company uses external suppliers; increased outsourcing of functions has led to a dependence on one or more suppliers to keep critical business functioning. There are a number of aspects to an effective supplier continuity program, from review of supply chain against business continuity plans, ensuring you have the appropriate contractual terms in place, implementation of a multi source supply arrangement through to auditing and exercising critical supplier contingency arrangements.

Resilience Matters can review and develop a comprehensive supplier continuity program that meets your business needs.

IT Disaster Recovery

Many companies find limitations in their technology recovery capability when a problem occurs. The impact ranges from embarrassing, such as the multiple outages of the ICO website in 2018, through to significantly revenue impacting – British Airways IT outage in May 2017 cost them an estimated £80M.

The only way to ensure you will be able to recover your technology when required is to conduct regular reviews together with recovery exercises where exercise objectives include timing and capability and are aligned with your documented business requirements.

Resilience Matters can provide all aspects of IT disaster recovery including:

  • Policy documentation
  • Documentation Gap Analysis
  • Documentation of Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Development and Implementation of full programmes of Disaster Recovery tests from individual systems to full data centre recovery
  • Review and testing of critical supplier DR arrangements
  • Full Data Centre review

Resilience Matters is typically called in by CIOs concerned that their groups are showing reluctance to commit to DR testing.

Pandemic Planning

Whilst the perception of the need for pandemic planning varies depending on media coverage the reality is there is always a risk of a pandemic and it is expected that the next pandemic will be significantly more serious than the H1N1 (Swine flu) outbreak in 2009.

Pandemic planning needs to consider the specific impact on your people and your type of business. This will result in identification of a number of practical mitigating actions that would reduce the impact of a disease outbreak on your business and lead into planning for how you would maintain critical business operations during an outbreak.

The lead consultant for Resilience Matters has extensive pandemic planning experience and led day to day resilience operations in Mexico during the swine flu outbreak for a multi faceted business that included a call centre, manufacturing and a training centre based in Mexico.

Work Area Recovery (WAR)

There are a number of companies that provide alternative premises where your people can go to continue to work in event of your facilities becoming unavailable. The specialists provide an excellent and reliable service. Some organizations, particularly financial institutions, may also maintain their own in-house WAR sites. There are a number of considerations to ensure you select the most appropriate WAR supplier and service level to meet your business requirements. It is also critical that you conduct regular reviews and testing to ensure the service selected continues to meet your needs.

Resilience Matters can help at any stage including putting together an appropriate RFI or RFP to select a new provider, reviewing your current contract against your business continuity plans and ensuring what you have today meets your business needs by planning and conducting a WAR exercise (all reputable WAR providers recommend you conduct regular exercises where you send some of your people to work at their premises).


Employee training can be developed for all of the above from inclusion of a short introduction to business continuity in employee induction packs through to discrete personalised coaching of executives for crisis management.