Conference Speaking

Our lead consultant Patricia Vella is a highly experienced conference speaker, chair and panel member who speaks on a wide range of business and technology resilience, information security and data protection topics.

Patricia is included on Tech World’s list of women speakers on technology as well as Women who Key Note

She was recently interviewed by the People Hacker Jenny Radcliffe

If you would like Patricia to speak at your conference please email

Here are some of the talks Patricia has given:

  • BANG (Business and National Government) September 2018
    • Heatwave Risks – What are the lessons for Business Continuity?
  • The Future of Cyber Security Manchester 25 January 2018
    • Can we trust Governments to keep our Data secure
  • RICS October 2017
    • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning – How to put an effective disaster recovery plan into place
  • BANG (Business and National Government) March 2017
    • Managing Global Incidents (& how I got there)
  • Cyber Security 13 September 2016
    • GDPR: The techniques and technology that ensure compliance
  • Computer Weekly & Mortimer Spinks Tech Panel Birmingham 2016
    • Information Security and Resilience
  • BANG (Business and National Government) Symposium June 2016
    • Telecom Resilience
  • BRF Business Resilience Forum 23 September 2015
    • From Bollywood to Bombings – Review of Major Global incidents impacting Nortel
  • World FM Day London 10 June 2015
    • From Bollywood to Bombings – Review of Major Global incidents impacting Nortel
  • BCS Berkshire 20 May 2014
    • Weathering the Storm
  • BCI Masterclass 13th March 2014
    • Writing BC Plans that work for you
  • Business Continuity Conference Essex 12th October 2010
    • Major incidents impacting Nortel
  • Business Resilience and Crisis Management Strategy Holland 27th November 2009
    • Case Study Business Continuity Testing